Hello.  My name is Robert Houghton Knepher. I am a Luxembourgish Englishman.   I was born and raised in San Diego CA.  I'm a Computer Science major.  Now I'd like to share my interests over the rest of the page...


Scooter Page Vintage Motor-Scooters

Everyone needs transportation.  Consider a scooter to meet your needs.  They save economically on fuel supply.  They are much easier to find parking for.  And they have class and style.


Music page Talk about a Revolution

From the soul music from the southern states in America or the British R&B.  It all was new and different.  Why don't you come see what I mean...



Fashion Modern Wear

Modern Stylist Individuals were based on fashion, so here are a couple of fashion shots and links to some really great sixties gap homepages.


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